Nokia HERE Maps project fills in topographic blanks of Belarus

In an interesting piece of news today from the New York Times, Nokia HERE Maps was involved in a mapping project that shed some new light on the topography of the Republic of Belarus.

Nokia Here Maps

The landlocked country, which sits between Russia and Western Europe and has a population of about 10 million, is a dark spot for motorists who have to travel through the country for business or vacation purposes. The current mapping data is apparently held closely under wraps by the government, so a large group of geography students and teachers alike volunteered to canvas the area themselves. They covered about 22,000 kilometers, or 14,000 miles, of streets and roadways and 11,000 places of interest, all of which were added to the Nokia HERE Maps database.

“One of the biggest requests we received for map data in Belarus was from Russia,” said Andreas Herger, a senior manager for location content at HERE. CEO Stephen Elop added that it’s essentially about providing detailed, up-to-date mapping information throughout their services. “We’re creating maps that are fresh and accurate down to real-time traffic information and the curvature of the roadway. So, no matter where you are — Boston or Belarus — you can make informed decisions about navigating your daily life.”

Check out the article to find out more about Nokia’s long-time role in mapping.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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