What’s Going To Be In Windows Phone 8 GDR3?


Reddit user I_SHIT_KARMA has posted What he believes are some of the features which will be coming with Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update.
His post on Reddit lists the following;

•Orientation Lock
•Driver Mode, will turn on automatically when you connect it via Bluetooth. Can reject phone calls / sms and send auto reply back
•Ability to have 3 medium sized tiles in a row
•1080p / new SoCs, which we knew for quite some time now

Other features that are currently being tested and are likely to be pushed to GDR3:

80% chance
•Ability to actually close the apps via multi tasking

60% chance
•Silent NFC (meaning no more constant confirmations for pairing something)

He ends his post saying “Please don’t ask for source, there is none.” Despite the lack of source Surur of WMPoweruser states that the poster, whose name I shall not be repeating is “pretty reliable”.
The Verge’s Tom Warren adds to the list that “Microsoft is also looking to sync text messages with the desktop and the web in GDR 3 (though this feature may not make the cut) and some changes may come to the network status icons.”

Just to clear up any confusion, the Amber update which is rolling out to current Windows Phone 8 devices is Nokia’s version of GDR2 which will be followed by GDR3 some time near the end of the year. Window Phone Blue, which is expected to be a big refresh of the platform, possibly Windows Phone 8.5 will come after that.


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    • I agree with you, 720p on a 4.5 inch screen is perfect. But now, since Android pushed the envelope the tech press consider anything with a DPI count below 400 as being “low res”. Stupid really, but will be good for a 6 inch Lumia.

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