Nokia House gets beautiful interior redesign (Photos)

Nokia has a few offices here in the US. The one in my hometown of San Diego, CA deals a lot with hardware, with regional operations taking place in their colorful Sunnyvale, CA office, which is not to far from where I currently live. Meanwhile the headquarters sits thousands of miles away, in Espoo, Finland, where the company sold its buildings only to lease them back in an attempt to aid their dwindling cash flow.
It seems that the offices there have gone through some big interior design changes recently, and I dunno about you, but I find myself drooling over the photos.




According to the official Nokia Ääni blog, designer Riku Pentikäistä states that the new look was all about optimizing and redesigning already existing architect. “Nokia is a different company from before – so the headquarters was also in need of a renewal.” Nokia essentially did the same thing with its business, working off the success of the original design of the N9 and applying it to the Lumia line, as well as taking it’s software cues to improve on the Asha line. The new interior also uses lots of colors, coinciding with Nokia’s spectrum of devices. LED lights are placed all around, and change every 20 minutes depending on the location and/or time of day, in order to enhance the workspace atmosphere.

Nokia House interior designers
Designers Riku Pentikäistä and Teppo Säröä worked together on the rejuvenation of Nokia House.

“The new facilities are aimed at improving the work-life balance, communication, and work efficiency. If the company is to constantly innovate, it needs to provide workers with facilities to do so…” – Riku Pentikäistä




I’m absolutely stunned at these photos and how great things are looking! I think this merits a trip to Nokia House, don’t ya think? Derrek needs a vacation. And who knows, this could be some foreshadowing of the things to come for the company. Things are definitely looking up, I suppose!

Source: Nokia Ääni blog (Finnish)

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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