WhatsApp pushes audio messaging for Windows Phone

It came out of no where! I had no idea, I- I couldn’t stop it! It just… happened!
That’s right, WhatsApp seems to have quietly pushed out an update from its servers to enable audio messaging. Go ahead, check for yourself! Once you open the app, you should see a microphone to the left of the text window.

WhatsApp update - audio messaging
A screenshot of the new WhatsApp Voice Messaging feature, taken from my Lumia810.

To use Voice Messaging, tap and hold the microphone. Once you release it, the message is sent. If you wish to cancel while you’re recording, slide your finger across the screen. If the recipient has listened to your message, the microphone icon next to their photo will turn blue (shown above). It’s almost like a walkie-talkie, making it easy to send quick voice messages. The instructions for the new feature can be found over at WhatsApp FAQs.

Voice calling was a nice addition when it was recently added, but it seems somewhat limited as it only functions through the user’s cell network and not through data or WiFi (so international calls are a no-go, unless you wanna risk paying through the nose).  This is certainly a nice feature to have, especially with Microsoft’s own Skype app lacking the feature despite a recent small update to the app. Nonetheless, it makes WhatsApp for Windows Phone much more competitive with the likes of Viber and other similar apps that allow easy voice messaging and calling features (via WiFi, no less).

Sources: WPCentral, WhatsApp.com

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