Is #6tagram Anymore Than A 3rd party Instagram App?


In the last 7 days 3rd party Instagram clients on Windows Phone, like Instance and Instagraph have had a pretty prickly time. First, due to an API change made by Instagram, all posts and photos uploaded from unofficial sources were being immediately deleted from the popular photo sharing social network. No sooner was that fixed when word got out that a new up and coming 3rd party app, #6tagram was going to be officially supported by Instagram themselves.

This news was met with a lot of interest from Windows Phone users who were keen to see an official client on the platform (at least to finally put the “missing app” situation to bed), and suggestions that #6tagram may get access to extra API’s, giving Rudy Huyn‘s app, which is still in Beta, advantages over other Instagram offerings. After all, an “Officially Supported” app would surely get official lenses and any other new features which land.

Well, apparently not. While #6tagram does have some features which are yet to be seen on any other Insta client on Windows Phone such as video uploading and geo-tagging pictures, Techcrunch got a statement from the folks at Instagram who said the following “(Instagram has not) selected a third-party developer to build an official or unofficial Windows Phone app… Third–party apps wishing to use our platform must do so within the terms of our public API.” So, in a word, no, this is not an app which will get any special treatment.

Rudy Huyn, also responsible for the 3rd party Vine app 6sec also put out a tweet to try and clear up any confusion.


So there you have it. #6tagram isn’t officially endorsed by Instagram. They have the same public API access as any other developers. Only in an attempt to avoid disruption to his app’s users Rudy has cleared it with Instagram that everything is legal and not violating their terms and conditions. So, regardless of whether or not #6tagram is “officially supported by Instagram” as the app is to be labelled, it is still a 3rd party app same as the rest.

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Source Techcrunch and WPCentral

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. So nothing more than a marketing move ? What a b####t…
    That’s why I support Daniel Gary (don’t like Rudy’s “first woman” attitude)

    • Not sure if I’d call it a marketing move. It has certainly drawn a lot of attention to the app.
      Also, sorry, not familiar with Daniel Garry, what/who is that?

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