Instagraph port to Nokia Asha live on the Nokia Store


imageYesterday we received an interesting e-mail from David Lorenzin at Venetasoft to tell us that a port of Instagraph for Windows Phone over to Nokia’s Asha platform was in certification at the Nokia Store.

This morning we have received another e-mal to say that the Instagraph Uploader has passed certification and is now live on the Nokia Store.


The Instagraph for Windows Phone has been battling for the number one slot for Instagram upload apps for a while now, so it’s nice to see it expanding onto Asha also. The app is based on WebApp 3.0 enabling it to access the native camera making it feel more integrated.

The app description on the store is:

Upload and share your pictures to Instagram directly from your Asha device.
The only unofficial Instagram client on the market that let you share your pictures to all your Instagram followers.
Main features:
– account creation
– sign in on Instagram
– select a picture from your albums or take a photo with the camera
– share your image to the Instagram network!
– change profile picture
– the status of any image upload can be checked at any time on the upload history page.

login_bignew account_bigprofile_big

The Instagraph Uploader is quite reasonable priced at £3.00, with the reason for the app not being cheaper, or free, being that the developers need to cover development and hardware costs, in addition to on-going maintenance costs. The architecture behind Instagraph Uploader is supported by hundreds of racked iOS/Android motherboards, hosted on managed servers and geographically distributed Azure cloud services. This all enables Instagraph Uploader to be one of the few, if not only Instagram app not on iOS or Android which does not hack the Instagram APIs, contravening their Terms of and Conditions.

terms and conditionsupload_bigupload2_big

As you saw in yesterdays post here is a short YouTube video showing how easy it is to use.


Based on how well the original app (Instagraph for Windows Phone) works and Venetasoft’s efforts to avoid Instagram API hacking our opinion is that Instagraph Uploader for Asha is well worth the £3.00 price tag. If you have an Asha device want to share your pics online and have a reasonable data contract we say go for it. Download Instagraph HERE

David at Venetasoft is looking for ideas for other apps that need creating on or porting to Windows Phone or Nokia Asha to fill the gaps n the current offerings. Let us know some of your suggestions.