Microsoft’s Satori: The answer to Siri and Google Now is coming later

Windows Phone lacks a lot of things that Android and iOS have. Aside from the obvious app issue, one of those things is a personal assistant à la Siri. Windows Phone has TellMe, but it’s not nearly as talkative or intuitive as Siri or Google Now. Well it seems that Microsoft is working on it.


According to Stefan Weitz, the senior director for Bing, Microsoft plans to one-up the efforts of iOS and Android with their own personal assistant. “Satori is a self-learning system that is running every day and learning more, adding 28,000 DVDs of content every day,” he said. “It’s mind-blowing how much data we have captured over the last couple of years. The line would extend to Venus and you would still have 7 trillion pixels left over.” With Satori, the goal is to create something that can perform complex “path chaining” scenarios, should be able to answer queries in real time, anticipate different paths or branches the conversation could take, and understand the concepts, context, and variables – such as weather, seat preference, hotel availability, and exchange rate – to complete a transaction. It’s sounds pretty ambitious, especially for a company who is not known for doing ambitious things (until recently that is). According to Weitz, they have teams working very hard to bring something more “revolutionary than evolutionary”.

Stefan Weitz, director of Bing search.
Stefan Weitz, director of Bing search.

According to Weitz, Google Now and Siri are limited in their knowledge of the world. “We could come out with something now like them, but it wouldn’t be state of the art.” Microsoft wants to make use of natural user interfaces and augmented reality to essentially leap-frog the competition. The only problem is that we won’t see this come to fruition for a while, which seems to be a common theme over at Microsoft in regards to any welcome and much-needed improvements to Windows Phone 8.

You can read more about Satori over at CNET.

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