KWP Report Puts Windows Phone UK Market Share at 8.6%


Kantar World Panel have released their OS share findings for the three months up to the end of June 2013, with highs and lows for Windows Phone being found across the 10 different markets that the research group cover. Nokia’s Lumia range of devices make up roughly 85% of Windows Phone sales.

The Good News; Windows Phone market share continues growing in Great Britain, up 0.8% points against last month, now at 8.6% – 4.5% this time last year. China, the worlds largest market has seen a 3% point rise, from 2.9% in May to 4.9%. France is up from 7.4% in May to 9% in June (2.3% in June 2012). Mexico and EU5 (5 largest markets in Europe) both saw small increases against last month.
The Bad News; The USA saw a drop from 4.6% to 4%. Windows Phone lost a small amount of market share in Italy, Spain, Australia and Germany compared to last month. Over all, month to month Windows Phone increased in 5 markets and dropped in 5.
I have created the graph below comparing the figures up to May (in blue) against June (orange).


One interesting thing to note from KWP’s June figures is that in all Markets except Mexico Windows Phone is pretty well established as number 3. Looking at Mexico is interesting, Android dominates with 62.7% BlackBerry is 2nd with 11.4% followed closely by iOS on 9.3%. Symbian is 4th with 8.4 then Windows Phone 7%. With just 2.3 points between iOS and Windows Phone shares it is worth noting that in May’s figures Symbian was 3rd.
The whole report for June can be read in the table below.


Is it just me that feels a comparison to the previous month rather than the previous year is of more interest? In the tables that KWP publish they show the change against last year.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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