To #Switch, or not to #Switch: The Story of a Lumia 1020, AT&T Rep, & an iPhone Lover

So the Lumia 1020 was released to the public on the 26th. I, for one, was very excited, though not nearly as excited as those who actually went to buy the phone or received theirs in the mail. And even though I had no intentions of buying it, I still found myself at the AT&T store that evening to check it out.

It all started when I arrived in Oakland to visit a friend of mine. Somehow I got started talking about Nokia and my excitement about being apart of Nokia Innovation. I went on, eventually talking about my phone (Lumia 810) and all its cool features like Here Maps, Here Drive+, and CityLens, and the more I talked, the more curious my friend got about Windows Phone. So to pique his curiosity I began to show him the different aspects of the operating system, such as the tiles, messaging, notifications, the store, music app, games app, and email. He grew more and more intrigued, and before I knew it I went from showing him the different camera lenses I had, to talking about the new Lumia 1020.

I mentioned to him that Nokia had just released a new phone with a 41MP camera, and his jaw dropped. I told him it wasn’t the first time too, but this was the first to be associated with Windows Phone. I then went off explaining the purpose of the large sensor, the functions one can perform with the camera, and the innovations that Nokia brings to mobile photography in both hardware and software.  He is an amateur photographer himself, so he knew what I was talking about and was definitely sold on the validity of the sensor. I already knew I had him sold on the phone, because he then asked me to check if the nearest AT&T store was open… and it was. So off we went to Emeryville!

Lumia 1020 AT&T Store

As soon as we arrived, we knew it was meant to be, because the meter we parked at already had over an hour on it! We walked inside and I could hardly give the sales rep a chance to greet us before sprinting over to the beauty that is the #TeamYellow Lumia 1020. I spent a good minute just caressing it, rubbing my hands all over the smooth polycarbonate body and big, black, bulging camera. After my Gollum-esque fondling was done, I decided it would be helpful to actually turn on the device (why it was off in the first place is beyond me). It booted up and I showed my friend the cool Glance screen feature and double-tap to wake. He was impressed, but I could tell he really wanted to see the camera, so I went on ahead and opened up Pro Cam.

I fiddled with the different settings, and both my friend and I were in awe. The ISO settings, manual focus, shutter speed… we had a blast fiddling around with them! Another rep came by and pointed out to us an Under-The-Dome-esque test area for the camera. It had some small toy figures under a clear dome that customers could use to take a photo of and zoom in to test out the capabilities firsthand. I thought that was pretty clever of them, so I tried it out. My friend and I were nothing short of impressed with the results, zooming in and out to notice details of the toy figures that we would otherwise not have seen from where we were standing. I also proceeded to take a photo of the store, zooming in on signs that I couldn’t read even with my contacts on, but became clear once I zoomed in on them.

As I continued playing with the Lumia 1020, the sales representative went on talking to my friend about the functions of the phone. I had already explained it all, but I listened anyways to see how much she actually knew. Turns out, she knew a lot! I didn’t have to correct her even once (which is usually the case when I talk to sales reps). We even took turns explaining how good the camera is, how experienced Nokia is in mobile photography, and how other smartphones like the iPhone don’t even compare. It was like a well orchestrated symphony of two. Her excitement for the Lumia 1020 was evident, and though it couldn’t possibly match my own ecstatic emotions, it was very pleasing for me to see it. She even went as far as to justify the hefty $300 price tag as being worth the investment for such a high quality camera. *tear*

After a good 20 minutes, my friend couldn’t hold it in any longer, and told me that he was definitely wanting to buy the phone. He checked with the rep to see if and when he was eligible for an upgrade, and she told him that it wouldn’t be until October of 2014. She then explained the new Next program that he could jump on (see what I did there?), where he could get the phone now and pay an extra $33 for the phone per month. He said he’d definitely think about it. You see, he is an iPhone user, who currently owns the 5. He claims he bought it for its camera (because it’s SO good), but I convinced him, with some help from the AT&T rep, that the Lumia was a better choice for him. He also told me that he found the Windows Phone UI to be very unique and he seemed to like just about every aspect of it. Even with the changes coming with iOS7, he said that the experience on the iPhone will remain unchanged and he was ready for something new and exciting. I told him that Windows Phone isn’t perfect, but it can only get better with the updates that are planned for it. He seemed unaffected by the fact that Windows Phone was behind iOS and Android, the latter of which was never brought up in any of our conversations.

The sales rep then gave us her card and we left the store, seeing as how it was closing time anyways (otherwise I would have never left). As we began our return to Oakland, I finished spazzing out and we talked about the sales rep and how well she sold us on the device, even without me chiming in. It was a big deal because I was just telling him how Nokia doesn’t do a good job marketing and informing consumers on the capabilities of its products (more on this in a later post). We were impressed with how well-trained the rep was, and that gave us high hopes for the Lumia 1020 and Nokia. We drove off into the sunset with a happy song on our lips and the taste of PureView still on our tongues.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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    • Well I think generally the reps have a good understanding of the phone, but how enthusiastic they are differs with each and honestly makes all the difference

  1. Nice story indeed. It seems AT&T reps are more knowledgeable now of Lumia 1020 compared to the past Lumia products. I was in one of stores (TX) yesterday and was impressed of how well the rep know the Lumia 1020.

    • Yeah it was very refreshing to see experience this. It was a nice change, and definitely the kind of know-how and positivity Nokia needs surrounding its phones

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