AT&T 1020 Advert Focuses On Lossless Zoom



AT&T have uploaded their Nokia Lumia 1020 commercial, which sees a young woman far back in a concert taking advantage of the Lumia 1020’s lossless zoom, fooling her friends into thinking she was right at the front. You can watch it for yourself below.

At the end of the ad viewers are told it has “brilliant zooming” as well as making a point that it has a 41 megapixel camera.


To most people into smartphones, we are probably used to the fact that a Nokia smartphone has a 41 megapixel camera, but I am interested to know how non techie people react to the fact. When I have told people many of them seem pretty disbelieving. But what will be even more amazing is when they see it is more than just a gimmick, and how great the pictures which it produces are.