Videos: Getting started with Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia US has just posted a series of videos on their YouTube channel, explaining how to use your new Nokia Lumia 1020. Each video is a few minutes long and explains a different aspect of the phone’s camera. The videos are nice to watch with the impending release of the Lumia 1020, especially for those of you thinking of buying or who have already pre-ordered the device.



This is probably my favorite of the bunch. Gives a detailed yet simple walk-through of the Pro Camera app, which gives you the means to tame this imaging beast:





How to use the Smart Cam app:


This video covers Creative Studio and the different effects you can play with after taking a photo:

I simply can’t help but yearn for this beautiful device! Camera quality was always the biggest factor in my choosing a phone, especially after the Nokia N90 was released (that being phone responsible for my long-time Nokia obsession). I held myself back when the 808 Pureview was announced, as I couldn’t help but fall for Windows Phone, despite it’s setbacks. Right now, I’m a little jaded with the 1020 being released only on AT&T’s network in the US (I’m with T-MobileUS). Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Lumia 925 is a perfectly capable device, and my current Lumia 810 isn’t half bad, but this monster is calling for me! Here’s hoping AT&T doesn’t hog all the good stuff for too long!

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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