Video: Lumia 1020 Camera Grip



Today I went to my Local ATT store and picked up the Camera Grip accessory for my Lumia 1020, & i have to say i am pretty impressed. The camera grip fits the Lumia 1020 like a glove, it allows you to use the device 1 handed for taking camera shots & doubles as a charger for it as well. The battery boost will give you a 1020 mAh added to the  already 2000 mAh thats inside the Lumia 1020 which is great for an extended day of picture taking or videos. The Camera Grip retails for $59.99 at your ATT store and comes in 3 colors Black, Yellow, & White.

I did a video walk-thru of the Lumia 1020 Camera grip, Check it out below & if any questions please leave a comment.