Official: Lumia 521 coming to MetroPCS


Along with T-Mobile and more recently, AT&T, the Lumia 521 has been confirmed by NokiaUS to be headed to MetroPCS as early as tomorrow.

Lumia 521 on MetroPCS and T-MobileUS
Lumia 521 on MetroPCS and T-MobileUS

The device has the same specs as the ones before it, although seems to feature no extra branding besides Nokia’s logo. This is possibly due to Metro’s acquisition from T-Mobile, and the eventual merging of the two companies and their networks. In any case, this makes the second WP8 Lumia to appear on a US carrier not among the “Big 4”, and the first Windows Phone device to land at MetroPCS. If you’re looking to pick up the device, you can do so starting tomorrow at the low price of $99, which is about the same as AT&T’s offer, and about $50 cheaper than the price T-MobileUS is asking for.

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Info about the Lumia 521 can be found here.