Nokia US launches #Lumia925At925 contest



Nokia Glance screenTo celebrate the launch of the T Mobile exclusive Nokia Lumia 925, Nokia US is having a contest and you could win a T Mobile exclusive Nokia Lumia 925.  The rules are very simple: Every day at exactly 9:25 AM/PM you should take a picture AND submit with the hashtag: #Lumia925At925  to @NokiaUs on twitter to be eligible to win.  A winner will  be announced on July 26 and the winning pic will shown by Nokia US.  Read Chris’ Nokia Lumia 925 hands on post here.

Good Luck!


The Lumia 925 is $49.99 upfront and additional monthly cost or $529 contract free at T-Mobile.  It’s a sleek metal body Lumia with PureView technology and Zeiss Optics.