Hands On With The Nokia Lumia 925 from @nokia_connects


I am fortunate to have secured a two week trial of a Nokia Lumia 925 from the good people at Nokia Connects. As you may know I am a Lumia 920 owner and am looking forward to comparing the two fairly evenly matched Windows Phone smartphones over the next fourteen days and bringing the results to our readers.

I will forgo an unboxing video, as all Lumia’s come packed pretty much the same (besides AT&T branded ones), but I did take a couple of photos of the occasion which you can see below. Click on an image to see a larger image.

My initial reaction to the Lumia 925 was how comfortable it felt in the hand, followed by awe at how good the screen was. I have been using the 920 for more or less half a year and got used to the IPS LCD screen, which itself is very good, but seeing the same thing in AMOLED with Clear Black Display technology makes a real impression. The blacks are so deep and the colours so vibrant. And seeing the Glance Screen was like going back to the N9, with it’s always on clock.


I have always thought that I preferred the design of the Lumia 920 to the 925 despite the latter being slimmer, and this opinion hasn’t changed in the few hours since putting the two side by side, I love the curves on the 920, but I do think the 925 has a more modern design.
I already know it will be difficult returning the 925 to Nokia Connects, and when the time comes I wonder if I will still have a preference for the pillow like shape and slightly wider rim around the bezel found on the 920. We shall soon see.

Earlier we put a tweet out asking for any suggestions as to what I should look at/compare on the 925 and that is still open for ideas.


I have already taken a few low light shots on both the 920 and 925 as well as a video to see which has the best Optical Image Stabilization. These will be posted here on Nokiainnovation.com soon. But for now I will leave you with two crops of a low light scene, one taken on the 925 the other on the 920 and I’d be interested to know which you think came from which device.


Thanks to everyone especially Laura at Nokia Connects for the loaning me the device

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