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We heard some days ago about more info regarding porting Sailfish OS to the Nokia N9 which currently runs MeeGo. If you don’t know what MeeGo is, it’s the OS that Nokia had before they went with WP. The devs for MeeGo created Sailfish OS based from MeeGo so its the successor to the Harmattan Nokia OS. Many have been wondering how to port Sailfish OS to the N9 and there have been alot of heresay but we got news that because of the fact that Sailfish OS runs with the Wayland server which currently does not support MeeGo. Now according to Jolla Argentina, after speaking to a Jolla engineer, found out that since the N9 runs on the older X11 server, it will be a difficult task to basically make the N9’s OS Meego become compatible with that which Nemo (coming after MeeGo) runs which is Wayland.  It’s stressed that it is difficult but not impossible and the developers and coders can make this happen. As many already know, Jolla will not release an official build of Sailfish OS for porting to other devices but they have also said they’re not against it yet that developers and the community can make this happen as well.

So while it seems there isn’t much hope for an updated N9, there still is but it may have to come after the next Sailfish image is released.
Aside from this, as a newer set of news, Jolla Argentina put up on their facebook page today another update in spanish:

“Nokia n9 con Sailfish OS (en proceso)

Parece que a base de los consejos de empleados de Jolla, ciertos entusiastas comenzaron a preparar la base para portar Sailfish OS a Nokia n9. Anunciaron que Wayland está corriendo en una máquina virtual de Nemo OS, pero como es una primera etapa, todavía no hay adaptaciones de hardware.
Además no nos olvidemos que Jolla no publicó ningún firmware todavía”

(Translated to English:

Nokia N9 with Sailfish OS (in progress)

It seems that according to the advices of the Jolla employees, certain enthusiasts began to prepare the foundations for porting Sailfish OS to the Nokia N9. They announced that Wayland is running in a virtual machine of Nemo OS, but since it’s in a beginning phase, there still aren’t any hardware adaptations.  Also let’s not forget that Jolla hasn’t released any firmware to this date”)




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