New Nokia Ringtones


Yesterday, the guys over at Nokia Conversations released some updated ringtones, including the crown jewel Grande Valse. When asked, sound designer Tapio Hakanen explained: “The latest renewal is not a radical revolution, but more of a subtle evolution.” This speaks to the soft and minimalistic approach to the new tones, bringing in small changes that make all the difference such as pitch, repetition, and even region specific trends and influences. Consumers and sound experts were consulted in the production of these new sounds,  as the goal was to achieve both functionality and discretion. “The alarm clock is also the one sound we receive most spontaneous feedback for,” Tapio says, contrasting the relaxed sound of the alarm to the stressed and obnoxious alarms of competing devices.

The subtlety is a welcome change. Who can forget the infamous Nokia Tune Dubstep Remix?

You can visit Nokia Conversations for more info.

The new tones are automatically included with new Lumias, like the 1020 and presumably the 925 as well. For everyone else, the tones may or may not be included with the Nokia Amber update, but in case you don’t wish to wait to find out, you can download the new tones at the Nokia Design Sound Cloud page.

Nokia Sound Cloud