Xenon Flash, A Reminder Of Its Brilliance On The N8



With the Nokia Lumia 1020 sporting a Xenon flash and about to go on sale (in the US at least) I thought I would do a demonstration of how amazing the amount of detail one of those things can capture.
Going back to the Nokia N8 I shot a video of a fan spinning on highest it’s setting. Watch it below. (Apologies for the shaky hands and what not, I was doing it one handed, recording with the 920 in the other hand).

I have been using the N8 for over two years and the power and speed of it’s Xenon flash still amazes me. Click the image below to see the actual photo caught in full resolution.


You can actually see the dust on the blades (note: this isn’t my fan or in my home, I certainly do the dusting to a better standard than this!)

So there you have it. I really hope and am pretty sure the Xenon flash on the Lumia 1020 will match the performance of the ones found on Symbian devices, I know Jimmy has a video coming up with Ari Partinen explaining and demonstrating the 1020 and how good the flash is on it (watch it on YouTube HERE).
I have never used the Nokia Lumina 928 with it’s Xenon flash but have seen and heard differing opinion on how good it is. I would be interested to your experience with it if you have.

I would of course be interested to hear anyone’s opinion on any part of this post.