Nokia Release Q2 2013 Results

Nokia have released their numbers for the 2nd quarter of 2013, with Lumia devices sales up to 7.4 million compared to 5.6 million in the last quarter.
Sales of non smartphones dropped 4% to 53.7 million units.

For a more detailed breakdown of the numbers I would urge you to go to Nokia’s Results page found at—reports/

There is also a PDF document with all the numbers, which you can download HERE

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. Hi Chris and all,

    Refering the same sources reporting Nokia 2013/Q2 results as used here (Nokia_results2013Q2e.pdf) I tweeted while ago the changes in sales of smart / mobile devices of Nokia/Devices&services compared YoY with 2012 numbers. This is how they look:
    – smart devices sales (net / vol): -28% / -39%
    – mobile phone devices sales (net / vol): -35% / -24%

    So if you were to draw a diagram with these data, the downward direction of Nokias sales would be evident The reduction in sales is actually bigger than the ‘Arvopaperi’-analysis estimation blogged here few days back! And at this day it was also announced by Nokia that 440 (160 in Finland) workers will have to leave their jobs in Devices & Services unit. Not good, inded.

    IMO, the only possible conclusion, based on these data (and previous performance records) is that the WP-strategy and/or it’s implementation is really not working for the good of Nokia (eventhough there was an increase in Lumia sales compared to previous quarter). I just wonder what do the shareholders think about this!? I haven’t yet checked what the stock market reacton on these was, but you can see for yourself 😉


    • Jukka, thanks for your comment. I can’t argue with the figures, the only area I have even the slightest knowledge about is smartphone numbers and against the last quarter alone this shows some signs of recovery.
      So I’m interested to know if you are of the opinion that Nokia should have stayed as Symbian and Meego or gone another route. Because the downward spiral was on underway before February 2011.
      Another argument is would things have been better with Android, for example?

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