Nokia Lumia 521 Going for only 99USD on Ebay!



I was Ebaying and looking at Nokia devices when I came across this deal the hard to find Nokia Lumia 521 for only $99.99 on ebay.  Now these devices are used but seem to be in great shape.  I have no idea where is seller is getting these devices from but he seems to have a lot of them. More than 10 available and almost 160 sold right now. 

The sellers rating looks good and everything looks legit on this deal.  The 521 comes with:

  • battery
  • phone
  • wall charger
  • USB cable
  • services guide for T-Mobile Monthly 4G.

It looks like everything but the box.  Mind you this is a T MOBILE locked device so if you don’t have T-Mobile don’t buy it.  If you want to check this deal out for yourself you can do so here.