Nokia Rides the Back of the Lumia 520 Owning 85% of the Windows Phone Market


According to the latest numbers by adduplex Nokia now owns a whopping 85.4% of the entire Windows Phones worldwide market!  This is up from a full 5% from the last time these adduplex reported.  What has caused the this spike in Nokia position?  The budget friendly Nokia Lumia 520…that’s right apparently it’s the little phone that could.   It’s the MOST POPULAR Windows Phone device in the world right now.


At the time of this report it was at 13.3% of all Windows Phone devices with it’s closest neighbor the Lumia 920 at 11.8%.  This is quite a feet for a phone that’s only been out one quarter! Here is a breakdown on it’s rise to fame in a visual form week by week so you can appreciate simply how fast this device is selling.

rise of the 520

While the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be released this month I doubt it will displace the 520 as the king of Windows Phone mountain anytime soon.  The 520 is selling like hot cakes in more budget minded countries like India, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, etc..   The Lumia 1020 cost WAY too much for these consumers and will have zero negative effect on the 520 sales.  In fact the 1020 will only serve as an advertisement in these countries to draw more consumers into the Lumia brand than lead them to the one device they can afford comfortably the Lumia 520.



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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