Over 8 Million Nokia Smartphones sold in Q2?


Update: It would appear I made one or two errors/assumptions during the writing of this post. I would like to point out that the forecasted figure quoted below of 8.1 million is for total Nokia smartphones and not as I had indicated, the predicted figures for Lumina devices running Windows Phone. Therefore I shall cross out sections of this post which are wrong. My apologies if this has been misleading.

Analysts are suggesting that in Quarter 2 of 2013 (April through to June) Nokia have managed to sell 8.1 million (smartphones) Lumia devices, a 44% increase over the first quarter of 2013 which came to 5.6 million and a 103% increase over Lumia sales from the same quarter last year.

One proviso I must make to all readers is that the source of this report, which is based on figures from Reuters compiled analysts is written in Finnish. If your Finnish is better than mine (or Google Chrome’s auto translate feature) then let us know what it says, but from what I could make of it “forecasts ranged from 7 million to 10.6 million”.

Analysts aren’t always correct of course, but these same ones compiled by Reuters were apparently spot on with the Q1 figures.

Update: One of our readers Jukka Aaltonen suggested we take a closer look at the figures. While predicted Lumia (smartphones) sales have increased against the previous quarter and last year, over all sales of Nokia smartphones would be down against this time last year when Nokia sold 10.1 million.
Other numbers which the analysts are predicting include the total number of mobile phones sold being 63.5 million (both smart and feature) which have also gone down from this quarter in 2012 (84 million). Nokia’s actual figures will be released soon enough, so we shall see how things compare.

Update: I have obviously had to make quite extensive alterations to this post. I would be interested to know if any of the Asha devices would have been included in the analysts figure of 8.1 million smartphones.

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  1. […] sales will have increased. It will be a record quarter for Lumia sales. Some sources have said 8 million. And then heavily redacted that. I hope 8 million is too low, and I really hope that Lumia alone is […]

  2. Respect for the edits, Chirs, now the figures are as in the quoted Arvopaperi-analysis. Just like to have facts right, based on which the argumentation may begin.. 😉

    Being estimatatse only, we’ll very soon see the real numbers from Nokia, but even then the actual device-specfic sales might not be made available. In this light it does not look very good for Nokia’s current strategy. Not even yet 🙂


    • Thanks Jukka, itbwas a genuine mistake. I read 8 million and I assumed Lumia.
      I did hear something about Nokia no longer including Symbian figures in their earnings call, which is not to say the analysts don’t.

  3. Why is for you so diffucult to accept that your Lumia-numbers are still wrong (ref: Arvopaperi)? Lumias (smartphones) estimate is also down 25% from last years same quarter (10m to 8.1m), not up! The only up movement is from last querter this year for smartphones (and its up from 6.1m, not 5.6m)
    PS. And, please remove the duplicate of my previous comment (the one without profile picture) 😉

  4. I am a Nokia-supporter, and even though I would be delighted by the figure of 8.1 million, they are still for ‘shipments’ and not for ‘units sold’. So, it’s a lot better to be a bit cautious on the optimism, and be positively surprised, in case the optimism translates to reality.

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