Order Your Nokia Lumia 1020 from the Microsoft Store Receive a Free Nokia Camera Grip!


freegripAs I was doing a Lumia 1020 story I came across this piece of information at the Microsoft Store.  It seems that if you order your Lumia 1020 directly from Microsoft they will give you the Nokia Camera Grip for that device free of charge!  This is quite a freebee the Camera Grip retails for 79USD. 


This Nokia Camera Grip is more than simple a fancy shell for the Lumia 1020 it is also a 1020mAh external battery, it has a dual stage shutter key, a strap to ensure you don’t drop your 1020 and there is a universal tripod mount on the bottom.  I have used this device to take photos with the grip on (at the 1020 launch in NYC) and it is very nice indeed giving the user a “real camera feel”.