Jolla pre-book Limited Edition is sold out! And sneak peeks at “Other Half” possibilites!

Photo: El Pre-Order está agotado, de todas maneras pueden registrarse para sumar interés en América Latina.

Regístrense para que muy pronto podamos disfrutar de este nuevo n9 con esteroides :) que tanto hemos esperado!


The recent news with Jolla’s pre-book for the Limited edition package has ended. If you’re wondering what the Limited Edition Pre-book entails, it was an offer to not only show demand for the upcoming open sourced device running Sailfish OS but also knocks 100 euros off of the retail price when announced with limited edition t-shirt to show your Jolla Love. Now that the pre-book offer has ended, it doesn’t mean you can’t pre-order for free! You can still go to Jolla’s Official website to pre-order with no money down to be one of the first to know the availability and also show demand for the Jolla phone where you reside. Sign up HERE and show your Jolla love and support for an upcoming Linux and Meego based resurrection that many say will sweep the world.

And one more little sweet preview for what we can expect for the “Other Half” customizable portion of the Jolla Phone, is shown over at Jolla Argentinas Facebook page displaying a much anticipated and desired hardware keyboard add-on as you can see here, the possibilities really are endless!





Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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