Hands on Video Of Lumia 1020 By Ari Partinen


Here is a hands on Video Of the Lumia 1020 with Ari Partinen ,  Ari who knows his way around his devices, Yesterday he gave us a nice demonstration video of the new Lumia 1020 & its camera capabilities includingThe Nokia Procam app as well as other changes.  He also touches upon the video capabilities and whats changed .

Please check out at about 2:50 in the video, the picture of the taxi & 4:36 in the video to see the zooming capabilities. Its Stunning

Please forgive me for the 1st 14 seconds of video not sure what i was thinking, but thankfully it wasn’t at the actual demonstration part.

Check the Video below, & Thank you Ari

Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. Excellent performance from that 1020.
    Wasn’t too interested in Pro Camera app as I thought it would have a complicated menu interface and i still don’t fully understand things like iso and white balance but actually the layout is made pretty simple and manual zoom looks great, sometimes I could really do with that on my 920.
    Excellent video Lenny.

      • Really? That would be useful. I understand the backlight setting on 920 camera, but anytime I set iso or white balance to anything other than Auto the picture looks either washed out or too dark.
        These days if a picture is too dark I just use Auto Fix which does a great job of brightening my pictures up.

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