qooSaver: a MeeGo-like standby screen for Symbian

qooSaver is now available in the Store


Steve over at AllAboutSymbian just reported on an absolutely brilliant new app by the guys over at qooApps, called qooSaver. This is an alternative to the standard Symbian “Big Clock” screensaver, and even trumps the more popular “Nokia Sleeping Screen” in my view, which after years of use seems a little dated to me now.

Symbian owners have enjoyed this always-on clock arrangement for years, and MeeGo developer Thomas Pearl managed to squeeze more onto the Nokia N9’s screen via the excellent Billboard Standby Screen app. Even now, Nokia is spreading the wealth by integrating an always-on clock into their upcoming ‘Amber’ update for the Lumia line.


My 808’s ‘sleeping’ screen. I like cyan for my font colour!


The app is just $0.99 and is great value for money. It shows all of the important info you need to glance at without having to unlock your phone. Going a few steps further than Nokia Sleeping Screen, qooSaver displays the weather, the current connectivity and battery life, along with a user-defined message, if you wanted to add that on too.

But the best thing about this app is how you can customize it to fit your needs; if you don’t want the weather to show, if you want the text in white or red, or in bold font, or tiny or huge – all of these settings are available to you. It’s all very simple, with the option to preview what it is going to look like before setting it in stone; this app is excellently made and looks great on my 808’s screen.


Plenty of settings here


Missed call and text notifications show up as these icons


As Steve says in his full-review, don’t walk, run to the Nokia Store and get this on your Symbian Belle device!




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