Massive updates coming to HERE map apps


I mentioned yesterday that Nokia have always been at the forefront of mobile imaging, but I think the same could be said for their navigation prowess. Ever since first using Nokia Maps (back then Ovi Maps) on my E75 slider in 2009 and becoming very gratefully “unlost” in the deepest parts of Alabama and Tennessee, I have always held Nokia’s navigation features in very high regard. Their acquisition of Navteq in 2007 was obviously a shrewd move, and while other platforms offer capable navigation options, Nokia’s suite of map apps are accesible, easy to use and above all, reliable, especially when you need them offline.




Recently rebranded “HERE“, Nokia’s map and navigation solution goes from strength to strength. Visiting for the desktop version allows Nokia users to add destinations to their ‘collections’. A simple sync on your Nokia phone and you’ve got those destinations already saved for when you need them out and about. Brilliant.



Now Nokia are updating their Here Transit, Drive and Drive+ applications again, and they are promising to bring even more amazing features, including “My Commute” which can be placed on your start screen as a live tile for quick and easy access.

Here is the link from Nokia Conversations:

It would seem that Nokia are really coming out of their ‘slump’, with amazing imaging experiences on their recent phones, and now even better maps and driving navigation tools. To me, it looks like Nokia is rebounding in a very big way!




Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. Now they only need to get rid of Windows Phone… It’s hindering innovation and sales also the Nokia brand is suffering because of it.

      • Pretty dang good they have 80% market share of the worlds quickest growing mobile OS Microsoft is handing them money left and right plus they have they just introduced the worlds best phone. Plus they are the worlds 2nd largest mobile handset maker and they are MAKING money not losing it.

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