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Nokia have always been the market leaders when it comes to mobile phone photography and they have now, rather helpfully, created a special page dedicated to this particular slice of tech over on their main website:


Entitled, “Dive Into The World Of Photography”, the page contains numerous links of interest, but what I found to be most interesting is that some of the links are to other social and technology websites such as ZDnet and Mashable. They’re casting the net wide to ensure that avid mobile photographers can gain knowledge and advice from around the web, and not just Nokia’s own sites, such as Nokia Conversations.



Of course, all the buzz this week is about Nokia’s announcement of their latest camera-centric flagship phone, code-named ‘EOS’ and most likely to be officially named the “Lumia 1020”. This promises to take the incredible PureView Phase 1┬átechnology┬áand software that we saw on the Nokia 808 PureView, transfered into a┬ásleeker┬ábody witha very┬álarge┬áround camera “eye” on the back, but packing Windows Phone 8 as opposed to Symbian, of course.



There are some great reads from Nokia’s new web page, and I learned a couple of tricks of which I had previously been unaware, so go ahead and click the above link and have a look. I was hoping that there would still be some articles dedicated to the Nokia 808, but after clicking around on the page I couldn’t seem to find any. It would seem that Nokia are starting to distance themselves from the last Symbian phone, which makes some sense from their point of view, if their next WP8 device packs a 41MP sensor like the 808 does. Still, I’ve always had trouble fully understanding why Nokia has seemed to quickly stop mentioning their great devices once the next one comes along. After all, the 808 was the standard bearer of mobile photography for over a year, and July 11th’s announcement will only add to their portfolio of amazing devices, not make the 808 obsolete.

Oh well, I’m still happy with mine! Now go and take a look at this new webpage – you never know, you might learn something! ­čÖé



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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