Nokia Lumia 1020 In Yellow Revealed With More Details On The Device

EOSWPcentral got there hands on a exclusive new render of the Nokia Lumia 1020 highlighted in yellow with white and black colors behind it. They have also received some new information regarding the Nokia Lumia 1020 see below:

It has optical image stabilization (OIS) built in

  • It takes the image in a 32MP and 5MP at the same time in 16:9
  • The 5MP image is over sampled dropping 7pixels into one “super pixel”
  • It shoots 38MP in 4:3
  • “Nokia 909” was an early name for it but it will be “Lumia 1020” for release
  • 2GB of RAM, an increase of 1GB from other high end Windows Phone 8 devices
  • 32GB of internal storage, no SD
  • WP8 V 8.0.10322.71
  • FM radio (Amber)
  • Flip to silence (Amber)
  • NFC is on board
  • Optional wireless charging backplate will be available

I have to say I am pretty bummed about the wireless charging not being built in , although I can understand that it might increase the thickness as well add to the weight. What do you guys think of the new Nokia Lumia 1020 in yellow, do you like the black camera module or would you have preferred all yellow, Comment Below.

Via: WPcentral

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. Looks excellent, yellow with black camera module. Will also be impressed if it comes with 2gb of RAM as I had wondered if WP8 may have some type of limitation of 1gb.

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