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Nokia Conversations have highlighted a new web app which will soon be available across most of the Asha range called Nokia Xpress Now aimed at “people who are still getting to grips with the Internet”.

Nokia Express Now, which is currently available in India, gives users two lists (soon to be three) containing news stories from the web, compiled by aggregating what other users of the app have been looking at. The stories are separated into “What’s Hot” and “You May Also Like” (with “Most Liked” coming soon).

While web surfers from places such as The UK and USA may have a whole list of websites that they visit, in countries such as India where desk top computers are not so prevalent, it is a different story. An interesting interview with Andy Kelm, Vice President of Nokia Xpress Services reveals how different browsing habits are in other parts of the world;

“Soon after we launched the Nokia Xpress Browser, we learned just how popular the Web is among consumers, but we also learned how homogenous their browsing patterns are within a country.  Many of them are not coming from a world of desktop browsing, and they only know a few popular web sites.”

XPress Now is designed to open the door to all the sites out there (such as Nokia Innovation) and let users find news sources which they never knew existed. I recently touched on how much finding new web sites changed my habits in my post about Symbian app Horus (read it here).

To read the rest of the interview with Andy on Nokia Conversations, CLICK HERE.

I am personally looking forward to the Nokia Asha 501 becoming available here in the UK, it has a really great User Interface, recycling a lot of the Swipe UI features found on the Nokia N9. And the build quality coupled with battery life not seen on today’s smartphones make it a really interesting device.

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