“Belle Delight” on the 808 PureView




I needed to replace my SDcard in my Nokia 808 PureView as it was rather foolish of me to start out using this camera-centric device with just an 8GB memory card. I had recently purchased a brand new 32GB card, but simply swapping the cards out caused me a few headaches; many of the apps I had downloaded from the Nokia Store were installed on the 8GB card, so it was a bit of a mess.

I had also installed Font Zoomer because I wanted the Nokia Pure font on the phone. This worked to a point, but I don’t think Font Zoomer and Opera Mobile or Mini browsers ever hang out together in the pub, as they clearly hate each other, and Opera would constantly crash with a message saying “Gathering information on the installed fonts” and then reboot the phone! Very annoying.


So I thought a fresh start would be a good idea, but then I remembered reading a Steve Litchfield piece recently on a custom firmware for the Nokia C7 called “Delight”. I got in touch with a couple of guys on Twitter and via direct message, got hold of the beta version of “Belle Delight” for the 808 PureView.


After flashing the 808 with this CFW, I was immediately pleased with the result. The Pure font was on there, and everything seemed to work just fine. However, there are a few things I’m not entirely thumbs-up about, namely the animations which are a little bit ‘wild’ at times. It also seems that I have either inherited a bug from the CFW or I’ve downloaded an app that doesn’t agree with it, but I can not make the screen turn off now. It locks, but stays on, which is obviously a show stopper as it is rather silly to keep a phone’s screen ON all day if you want to manitain any kind of sensible battery life!

One thing I forgot to mention in the video which is very cool: the small middle white notification led now glows red when the 808 is charging and then glows white when it’s finished. A nice touch, because usually if you’re charging the phone while it’s powered off, there is no immediate way to know if it’s charging – you have to press the home button and then see the battery indicator in the top-right of the screen. It’s nice to see the CFW affecting the hardware in a positive way too.


UPDATE! Thanks to prototipo20

@prototipe_20 on Twitter, I have now turned the animations off. Settings > Themes > General > [options button bottom right] Theme effects > OFF. Now screens just zip around like they always did. I feel like this is a setting I should’ve known about, but there you go! haha

I made a quick 5 minute video of my 808 in action, if you’re interested.

UPDATE 2! Not sure why or how or what, but my screen display time-out is behaving properly now, obeying the rules in settings and turning off when locked. I’m not sure what I did to make this work; one of the developers on Twitter suggested it just needed to be rebooted a few times. Well maybe that was all that was needed to get things working as they should! Nice to see it all working beautifully.


You can obtain his cfw by visiting the developers’ site: http://n8delight.blogspot.de/