Lumia Takes 6% Of Indian Smartphone Sales



Nokia Lumia smartphones accounted for 6% of smartphone sales in India in the first quarter of 2013, according to IDC. While dwarfed by Samsung who managed a 33% share, Nokia’s Windows Phone devices still performed better than both iOS and BlackBerry, and all before the budget Lumia 520 went on sale.

The Indian market is dominated by Android, which has an incredible 90% share of the 6.1 million smartphones sold.  By my calculations, this means Nokia sold 366,000 Lumia handsets between January 1st and March 31st in the worlds second most populated nation.

Overall, 61 million mobile phones were sold, of which 10% were smartphones. While Samsung lead the smartphone market, Nokia have the highest share of the feature phone sales with 16%. Time for me to do some maths again (yes, there IS an S on the end) Nokia must have sold 8,784,000 feature phones.

It will be interested to see the figures for the 2nd quarter, especially with the lowest priced Nokia Lumia device, the 520 going on sale in April.

Source: WMPoweruser via Financial Express