A Look At Lumia Amber Update


Chassit over at Windows Phone Central has been taking what he calls a “quick look” at some of the new features coming in the Amber update (AKA GDR2)  which is the next update due to Nokia Windows Phones.. While it is called a “minor update” it seems to be bringing a lot of new features such as the Glance Screen (always on clock), double tap to wake, FM radio and, among other things, Colour Profile.

The site has posted a lot of screen shots, some of which are below.



The Nokia N9 had a colour profile option, where you could change your screen between Vivid, Subdued and Normal. But this seems much more detailed with sliders to change settings such as Colour Temperature and Saturation.



Now with an added option, Glance. From here you can change settings relating to screen sensitivity, and the new ability to set the lock screen clock and whether it switches to Night Mode.



Flip to silence seems to be a feature a lot of people are after, personally I will continue to just tap one of the volume buttons when a call comes through to silence it. Also, as you can see in the right screen shot, Nokia are bringing some new wallpapers with Amber… I actually already have them all on my 920 – see the WPCentral post for how you can get them also.

To see all the screen shots of the Amber update which have been posted have a look at WPCentral and WPDang

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