Everyone Just Got an Invite From Nokia to Watch the Lumia 41mp EOS Unveiling!



With July 11th less than three weeks away Nokia dropped a major hint on what we should be expecting to see.  Above a picture that they posted on their official site Nokia Conversations about the event.  It sure looks to me that the 41mp Lumia EOS is coming and I can’t wait!  Be sure to bookmark the site because: “We are happy to offer Conversations readers the opportunity to watch the latest news unfold over a live webcast, right here on the blog.”   

This event will be HUGE!  It feels like Christmas and I am a kid all over again!  I wonder if my wife would yell at me if I put up a “Pure View tree” in the living room? What would I decorate it with?  Will Santa Nokia bring me a pre-order?  hmmm..  Stay tuned here for the latest on the and Nokia Lumia EOS.