New Nokia Device Recieves FCC Approval Could RM-877 Be EOS?



WPCentral report that a Nokia device, named RM-877 has just received FCC approval.

The device, with similar physics to the Nokia Lumia 920, could very well be the rumoured EOS, and has LTE, 3G and GSM bands compatible with the AT&T network, who are expected to take the EOS as a flagship.

While the RM-877 isn’t guaranteed to be the 41 megapixel wielding Windows Phone, WPCentral does point out that the FCC’s public documents make mention of a “camera grip” on the device.

I am not too familiar with how much time goes between FCC approval and phones actually being announced/launched, but an event is being held in New York on 11th July, called Zoom Reinvented, which has a lot of people expecting to see the EOS announced there.