Aluminium “EOS” Photo Leaked, From Factory?



A new photo which appears to show 12 aluminium cases of the rumoured, possibly soon to be announced Nokia EOS has appeared, which suggests when Nokia’s new camera flagship does arrive it won’t only be available in polycarbonate.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Nokia EOS, which has reportedly been codenamed “Elvis” by some carriers who are testing the device, it is expected to bring the same, or similar camera found on the Nokia 808 PureView, but will come on the Windows Phone platform.

However, I’m not one hundred per cent convinced that these aluminium cases belong to the same phone which we saw vizileaks tweet photos of, pictured below;


Looking at how much area the camera module takes up on the back of the polycarbonate model is certainly different from the metal version. I wonder if it is either a different phone all together or an early prototype which never got used. To me, it looks more like the Nokia Lumia 925, but with a larger camera module.


Source; WPCentral