WP Market Share Rising, Lumia Devices “Driving Success”



Kantar World Panel, who compile stats on smartphone market share around the world have released figures for February to March, which shows Windows Phone making some gains, notably in the UK, which has seen an increase of 1.4% in just one month (March 2013 7% up to 8.4% in April 2013). And KWP also notes that Nokia’s Lumia range of Windows Phone is what is making the difference for the os;

“Looking at specific sales of smartphone devices, for the 3 month ending April 2013, Nokia’s Lumia devices were the key models driving success for the Windows OS.”

Looking at increases from this time last year shows Windows Phone has increased in the UK from 4% to 8.4% (up 4.4%) while France has gone up from 2.5% to 6.2% (up 3.7%). The US has seen an increase from 3.8% to 5.6%. These increases, while welcome, are not surprising. This time last year Windows Phone was still on version 7.5.

Another interesting point from the report is where these gains are coming from. Kantar report:

“Windows has begun to capture consumers from across the competitor set. Of those who purchased a Windows device in the last year, 42% came from a featurephone device, 25% from another Windows device and 23% from Android.”

This demonstrates that Windows Phone is a popular choice for first time smartphone users, and even for some Android users, but interesting that none of the new users in the last year appear to come from an iPhone.

Read the Kantar reports for the US here and Other Markets here

Source NokiaPowerUser


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