UpcomingNokia Amber Update a Massive Camera Improvement in Lumia Devices?



It seems that the upcoming Nokia Lumia Amber update is much more than a sleeping screen, double tap to wake, and a camera app.  It looks like that it’s also software update on camera algorithms which will get rid of  “noise” and give you truer color on pictures.  Below are few side by sides of photo’s taken by the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 925 with the Amber update on board.  Check them out and see how much crisper the 925 photo’s are.

Lumia 925 sample 1

Lumia 925 sample 2

While the Lumia 925 does have the magic sixth lens (while the 920 stops at 5) from what I have heard the camera software (not the hardware) are the majority of the differences you see in these pictures.