Why is No One Excited About the Nokia Lumia 925?



Nokia recently introduced two new flagship devices the Nokia Lumia 925 and the Lumia 928.  When the Lumia 928 came out everyone in the Nokia community was abuzz about this device for something as simple the reintroduction of the Xenon flash.  Yet when the Nokia unveiled it’s completely redesigned Lumia 925 guess what happened? Nothing, that’s right nothing. Why is the question.

There are a three main reasons I can think of that the 925 didn’t make a bigger splash:

  1. Nokia Lumia 92x burnout:  Let’s face it by the time the 925 was introduced most tech fans where like uhh huh you just launched the 928  stop redoing the 920 and give me something fresh.
  2. Nokia didn’t give this device the PR it needed:  Believe it or not the Lumia 925 is a marked improvement over the Lumia 920.  (I will get into those later)  While it did have it’s own launch event for some reason the “Nokia Machine” seemed to cool off after that.  I believe Nokia should have done a little more PR this device showing these improvements.
  3. No one cared about the 920’s main criticisms from the major tech blogs to start with.  You know the 920 is too thick, too heavy, too big, etc…  There was a HUGE call out about that from big boys of the tech blogs but the average consumer didn’t seem to care.

What are the these improvements that 925’s redesign brings to the table?

  • It’s smaller all around: the 925 is 129 x 70.6 x 8.5mm to the 920’s 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7mm that is an impressive 2.2mm thinner
  • It’s much lighter: It’s almost 25% at 139g (Samsungs GS4 is 130.5) the 920 weights in at 185g
  • It’s got a BETTER camera: That’s right the Lumia 925 has added a 6th lens which in theory would take sharper pictures than the 5 lens Lumia 920
  • It’s got a metal band around it: This was put there not only to make the 925 lighter than the 920 but it is also the 925’s antenna so it should be in better signal than the 920.
  • The 925 has AMOLED display:  While the 920 has a IPS display the difference is not massive but there is a trend toward consumer preferring the AMOLED display.

The 925 does not have wireless charging built in and you will need to buy a shell which kind of ruins it’s good looks, plus it only has 16gb internal storage  as compared to the 920 32gb of storage.

Lumia 925 with the charging shell on.
Lumia 925 with the charging shell on.

Does knowing all of these facts about the Lumia 925 does it change your mind on it vs the Lumia 920?  If so why?  If not why?  Let us know in the comment or feel free to send me a tweet directly on this matter.