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For a lot of Nokia Lumia owners, their Windows Phone is about a lot more than playing Angry Birds, watching YouTube or worrying about the lack of a genuine Instagram app. Nokia proudly boast that a Lumia is “The Worlds Best Business Smartphone” and have a big online presence with their Twitter account @NokiaAtWork.

If you are a business user of a Nokia Lumia, they are well worth a follow, with the purpose of helping ” businesses of all sizes to get and stay ahead with a Nokia Lumia smartphone… As well as giving you a chance to share your thoughts, tips and tricks on Lumia we will also be keeping you up-to-date with all the latest info on Nokia for business”.

A post on the Nokia Conversations website lists [email protected]’s main purposes as being;

1. Letting you know what the Lumia family can do for you and your business.

2. Giving you the opportunity to try out Lumia & Windows Phone to assess how well it fits into your work life.

3. Being on hand to help with all of your Lumia business questions & queries both before and after the #SwitchToLumia.

4. Looking at the world of smart business and highlighting some of the most innovative companies, as well as sharing business advice and stories.

The videos below take a look at how Nokia Lumia owners use the Smartphones as a vital business tool.

A video on Designing your day with a Nokia Lumia.

There is a free ebook tied in with this video, which offers tips and advice. Have a look here

Finally, another thing worth knowing about [email protected] is that they offer people in the business world a 30 day trial of a Nokia Lumia, this video below covers this.

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