Changing The Lumia 920 Casing

Yellow inside

One of the great features about the Nokia Lumias 820 and 620 is the ability to change the shells to all sorts of different colours and designs, even custom designs using 3D printing. Well, if you are a Lumia 920 owner, you do not have the same luxury. However, a video now up on YouTube maybe of interest to you if you do really crave a new colour casing for your 920.

A member of the WPCentral Forums called LemmeWinkles has been featured on WPCentral (HERE) looking at how he managed to switch colours. Well he has now posted a video to YouTube with a guide to removing and replacing your Lumia 920 casing, which you can watch below.

Now personally, I wouldn’t recommend using this video for anything other than entertainment purposes, and if you are in need of a new casing, I strongly recommend you take it to a Nokia Care Point (find your nearest here). Carrying out the procedures in the video will void your warranty.

That said, I did a similar thing with my Nokia N9, only that was the screen I replaced. From my experiences, I would say to anyone doing any DIY repairs to their phone is: Make sure you have properly researched everything fully. Make sure you have someone with a good knowledge available for advice, and make sure you have all equipment/tools ready before proceeding. You can read about my experiences with the N9 here.

Sources; WPcentralYouTube


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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