Here Maps Updated. Now Includes Live Sight


Here Maps has been updated it now includes Livesight, consider it City Lens built  into Here Maps now. You have to calibrate your device using the figure 8 method which then brings you the option  to enable livesight, which gives you a virtual look of the places around you.

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HERE Maps now features LiveSight, which brings the power of sight to your map. Tap the “LiveSight” icon and HERE Maps reveals virtual signs for restaurants, galleries, shops, and sights attached to the buildings in your camera display so you can pinpoint exactly where you’re going just by looking. And true offline maps let you navigate in 94 countries in full offline mode.
What’s New:
– LiveSight reveals what’s around you through your camera display
– Integrated compass shows you which way you’re facing so you can get oriented quickly

Key Features:
– Explore floor to floor at airports, stations, stadiums and other venues in 45 countries
– Discover the top 25 places around you including pictures and reviews
– Navigate offline in 94 countries with true offline maps
– Get turn-by-turn walk navigation
– Easily transition to HERE Drive or HERE Transit with just one tap
– Save and access favourite places on any HERE app and on
– Access real-time traffic information for selected areas
– Pin places, categories and destinations to Start screen

Check out HERE Drive and HERE Transit in the Windows Phone Store.
Disclaimer: LiveSight doesn’t work on Nokia Lumia 520.
Click Icon to update c7d3938e-a966-4a32-b196-84872389b242

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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