So Many Instagram Clients Which One to Choose?


With Nokia’s announcement the other day is seems that there is not an official Instagram client coming to Windows Phone anytime soon.  This opened up the playing field for all the Instagram clients in the Windows Phone store.  There are a few worthy players in this battle.  Instagraph, Winstagram, Isdagram and even Hipstamatic is coming soon so which to choose? Lets find out.

Let’s start with Hipstamatic since that what Nokia is pushing as their “official/unofficial” free Instagram client. While this app will not be available for another month or two it will be free at release with other “lens or flashes” that you can buy in app.  The downside to this app is it cuts your viewfinder down to a tiny square into the middle of your screen and also you need to choose filter BEFORE you take the picture. The upside is it can share to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all at once.  Check out the review of the iPhone version below.


The next app is called Winstagram and it is a no frills, no filters, way of uploading pictures to Instagram.  It takes your saved photos, crops it them and uploads them to your account. It’s $1.99 and that’s all it does.

Moving on to Isdagram.  This is a full featured Instagram client that has everything but filters.  It is currently in beta so I am assuming it should get filters real soon.  This app should be out this week for your WP8 device and it will come in a free ad supported version and an ad free for $1.49 version.  While I didn’t get my hands on this app yet from what I can gather it seems solid.  Check out a hands on review of both of them below.


The last client is called Instagraph and it cost .99 cents. This app lets you either use saved pictures or take new ones. It has by far the largest selection of filter/effects out of all the choices. It just received an update so you can choose the cropping of your picture and view/comment on all of your friend posts from the app. This app will soon “merge” with another app called Mertogram for an even better experience.



So which one to choose?   Winstagram is a one trick pony and expensive one at that so lets skip out on that one.  While Isdagram is a great client they upload their pictures to Twitter by cracking Twitters API (which will not be looked upon lightly by Instagram) and will probably be shut down by Instagram sooner than later.

This leaves only Hipstamatic and Instagraph they both legally will upload to Instagram and will not be shut down anytime soon.  While Hipstamatic has the ability to  upload to just about any social network it doesn’t have to ability to view any of them. This means you will have to download another client to comment or like others photos.

This leaves Instagraph as the winner of the Window Phone Instagram client wars.  The first thing that is ingenious is they way they upload your pictures.  They DO NOT break any terms of service with Instagram and can’t be shut down.  They upload your photos to their servers and upload directly to Instagram from Instagram. Next is the fact that they have the most filters and options when it comes to editing your pictures.  They use a service called Aviary which is the best in the mobile biz and is already used in too many other apps to list here.  Plus it’s an all in one app which means there is no need to download another app to comment or like your friends pictures.   Right now it’s just a link to the mobile version of Instagram in the app but they have partnered with another app called  Metrogram and the two apps will become one very shortly for the best Instagram experience on Windows Phone.

Thoughts, questions leave them in the comments or you can send me a tweet and will get back to you!


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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