Lumia 928 Is In Verizon Top Sellers List



The newly released Nokia Lumia 928 is in Verizon Wireless’s Most Popular list on its first day of availability.
Whilst no actual numbers are quoted, and I’m not entirely sure how much time the list accounts for, it is good going.

I have heard people say in the past that they would love to get the Lumia 920 but weren’t prepared to move to AT&T, who had an exclusive on the 920. So now is their chance to try out the amazing camera with the added luxury of a Xenon flash.

It will be interesting to see how the 928 fares, from the reviews I have seen it seems to have been well received by most. I am not based in the USA so don’t have much of a chance of ever owning one, unless they launch an International version.
Source NokiaPowerUser