Dear Journalists the Nokia Lumia 928 IS NOT Meant to be a Flagship Device



I normally don’t like to go on random rants about stuff but, this time I feel I must.  It seems that some non-tech (and some tech) websites out there are really, really, really, really confused on exactly what the Nokia Lumia 928 is.  The Lumia 928 IS NOT (I repeat is not) this years Nokia flagship device!  This is simply a refresh of the of Lumia 920 with minimal spec tweaks and CDMA inside so it plays nice with Verizon’s network…PERIOD!

I have read at least a half a dozen posts on about how Nokia “missed the mark” with the 928 because it doesn’t blow away other brand new flagship devices.  The problem is that the writers of these posts don’t even understand the slightest thing about why the 928 is being released now or the mobile device market in general.  So for those of you who do not understand here it is plain and simple.  When the Nokia Lumia 920 was released last year it was an AT&T exclusive device for six months and now guess what?? That’s right the six months is up and Nokia is simply making a 920 variant for America’s largest wireless carrier.  There was NO NEED for Nokia to make an new “flagship device” for them accomplish their goal they have one of those in the works code named the Nokia Lumia EOS.

If these writers had even the slightest idea about Nokia at all they would realize that even that name of the Lumia 928 signifies that this is a only a evolutionary device not a revolutionary one. Nokia has a habit of jumping by 20’s when a completely new device comes out therefore the next Nokia flagship should be the Nokia Lumia 940.

So non tech writers trying to write tech news before you put “type to post” do us all (and yourself) a favor and do just the smallest touch of research BEFORE you type.  Rant done!