Reviewers Guide For The Nokia Lumia 928




Nokia have produced a guide for reviewers of the Nokia Lumia 928. The 32 page document, which can be viewed here gives readers general information about the phones features, guides to built in apps like Here Drive and a write up about accessories such as the JBL Power Up speaker.

The guide also has QR codes, like the one below. When scanned, this one takes you to a video showing a comparison of the audio quality on video recordings against other smartphones.



Overall the document may be an interesting read for some, but one comment I saw on WMPowerusers website, from which this post is sourced may sum things up rather well;


While I hope it isn’t the case, some reviewers do seem to enjoy making a point of the assumed “app shortage”. On a positive side, it could be because they have very few negative points to make on phones such as the Lumia 928, so are limited to harping on about that.

Source: WMPowerusers