Can Xenon Work On WIndows Phone?

One of the big features which will be coming on the recently announced Nokia Lumia 928 is the Xenon Flash.

If you are not familiar with what a Xenon Flash can do, look no further than the incredible pictures taken with the Nokia N8, where fast moving objects are frozen in time. The pictures below, where water droplets can be captured mid motion are one example, there are also lost of pictures out there demonstrating the flash’s ability to capture in crisp detail the blades of a fan when spinning at full speed.


However, one fear I had when I heard about the 928 was how well a Xenon flash would work on a Windows Phone. Because it has been attempted before, with the HTC Mozart. The website AllAboutSymbian were far from impressed with the Mozart’s Xenon flash abilities, saying:
“even calling the HTC 7 Mozart’s Xenon flash ‘appalling’ doesn’t really do the truth justice. In truth, the Xenon might as well not exist – the results are identical with those from a camera phone with LED flash: moving people become blurry messes” in their article which can be found here

As HTC no doubt found out, putting a Xenon flash onto a smartphone camera takes a lot more know how than just how to change a light  bulb. And while Nokia have a lot of expertise in this area, there is always a chance that the Windows Phone platform could have been responsible for the poor performance of the flash on the Mozart.

Which is why it was reassuring to find the picture below posted on MyNokiaBlog



Evidence that the Lumia 928 shouldn’t suffer the same poor performance as the last Windows Phone which tried using a Xenon flash.



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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