Lumia 928 Preview Page And Vanity Fair Advert

Any doubt whether or not the Nokia Lumia 928 was about to launch has been cast aside once and for with Nokia’s very own website posting a preview of the device, and Engadget reporting about an advert being found in Vanity Fair (read it here).

Well first we had Lenny spotting the 928 at a Nokia Event in New York. Then the Billboard advert was spotted. Now if there was any more doubt, the picture below can be found Here

Nokia's US Website
Nokia’s US Website

Despite no official announcement yet being made, Nokia have a big announcement to make in London on the 14th May, as well as one in Delhi, India a few days before. Perhaps Nokia are trying to make the most of the publicity generated around early leaks, and have given up trying to keep everything under wraps.

The only problem with that is when Stephen Elop takes to the stage in London to announce the 928, it won’t be met with a lot of surprise. Unless there is more to come, and the 928 is merely a decoy. Will we see the much reported Catwalk or EOS launched at the same time? Personally I’m not so sure, but can live in hope.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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