What Will Nokia Announce on May 14th

With a press event set for Tuesday 14th May in London, there are lots of expectations that Nokia will launch a new flagship Lumia device. We’ve seen many renders heard many rumours and seen a few leaks.

I thought I’d round up what we have heard so far:

Nokia EOS/ Lumia 1000.

Supposedly a high end Nokia Lumia which will sport a high megapixel camera, many believe it will be the same 41mp sensor found on the Nokia 808 PureView.

Nokia Catwalk.

This is said to be a slimmed down version of the 920 built with aluminum rather than polycarbonate, with the same 8.7MegaPixel camera. Render below.

Aluminum device codenamed “Catwalk”

Nokia Lumia 928/Laser

Very similar specs to the Nokia Lumia 920, but this one has a slimmer design and a Xenon Flash. Expected to launch in the US exlusively on Verizon, with an international version also coming. We have seen a lot of leaks, mostly from @evleaks on Twitter including the image below of all sides.


Nokia Windows 8 Tablet

There has been a lot of talk about Nokia releasing a tablet, but no specific specs that I am aware of being leaked. The image below is from MyNokiaBlog’s My Dream Nokia and is created by a person called Tristan. While it is just a concept, it is very attractive, and a tablet from Nokia which looks like the “Coffee Tab” would be a design classic, and while a great complement to the Lumia design family, also a break away from the numerous black slab iPad style tablets which are all which seem available to buy.


My Guess

While the Nokia Lumia 928 looks most likely, it does make me wonder why a device set for Verizon would be launched/announced in London? That said, it could be the international release, like we got with the Lumia 920.
Whilst I believe a Lumia with a large sensor 808 style camera is coming I do not think we will see it before Nokia World in September/October. Perhaps the “Catwalk” could be released in May, but I’m not totally convinced we will see that just yet either. And finally, the tablet. As much as I can’t wait for Nokia to release a tablet, it is something else I don’t see coming yet.
I’d be really interested to hear your views on what will be announced on May 14th. Whatever it is Nokia are calling the “Next chapter of the Lumia story” I am looking forward to finding out.

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  1. Agree Jim would make no sense, unless a European variant, but even that I find odd because so close to the Lumia 920 in specs wouldn’t make much sense. Verizon in states doesn’t have a flagship & that’s what the 928 is for them. The announcement in London might be the big one.

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