Another Row of Tiles Coming to WP8 Devices This Year?

windows phone 8 gdr3 mockup start screen

If the rumors are true it seems that not only will the upcoming GDR3 update at the end of the year bring 1080 resolution screens and five inch plus phablet Windows Phone devices but it will also bring and extra row of tiles!  Which would make sense being that a five to six inch screen could easily support them.

According to a post at ZDNet:

My contact said GDR3 will add support for five- to six-inch devices with 1080p support. Along with the higher resolution, GDR3 also could include changes in the start screen and core Windows Phone 8 apps, such as possibly adding a third column of mid-size-tiled apps in the start screen, my source added.

This is a major win for consumers who love their Windows Phone devices but hate being left behind in the spec race.  I can now see Samsung slapping Windows Phone 8 on their newly announced “Mega” line of devices and I can also see the prototype Nokia Juggernaut Alpha finally making it to market!  I will be waiting with my money in my hand.  I have a feeling I will not be alone….will I?


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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